Return Man 4 – Linebacker Review

Return Man 4 – Linebacker is the successor of the Return Man 3 game that has still been developed by ESPN. As it has been in this series, the controls and game are simple but the game is still fantastic. You can also play another popular game – demo of happy wheels.

How to Play.
The objective of this game is to make sure the opposition is not able to make a touchdown to your touchline. It is like a football game in which you are on the defensive side. You should, therefore, be clever to time the opponent’s run and tackle him by going through his blockers. The further you tackle from the yard line the more points you will get that is if the blockers will not tackle you.

Features of the Game.
As said earlier the game takes a simple approach yet fun to play. The more you advance the more it becomes tougher and simpler at almost equal measures. It gets tougher because of the number of your opponent or attacker increases. This is very challenging as it becomes more difficult to block or tackle them. Moreover, as the levels progress the opponents adopt advanced strategies making it more becomes simple because you are able to acquire superior skills that will help you in combating the attacker. These skills include swimming, shucking or even ball rushing.

The difficulty goes a notch higher once you have grasped the second skill. However, skills do not really guarantee that you will be able to easily deal with the blockers of the opposition

Your enemy is not supposed to perform touchdowns at your line(as said earlier) so if you let this happen you deplete your life which they refer to as defensive strands. When you lose all the defensive strands it is the end of the game and you have no choice but to start the game over.

The Game Controls.
The controls generally remain unchanged from the previous versions. You will use I, J, K, and L or the arrow keys for movement in various directions and A, S, D to make use of the special moves which are swimming, shucking and bull rush respectively.

The developers of return Man 4 – Linebacker really did a good job with this one. The amazing design and graphics just make it better, plus the movements are realistic and sleek. It is one game that you need to play to experience one of the best experiences as far as flash games are concerned.