Play Cookie Clicker Unblocked

What kind of game is Cookie Clicker? Well, it is a game where you have to expand your business, you will have to figure out how can you increase your income, how can you hire more people, and how exactly you should spend your funds in order to achieve your goal. At some point you might even say that game belongs to the strategy category, you make your plan, you follow your own steps and you are doing your best to become successful.

By the way, your business is all about selling cookies, you must hire bakers in order to create high-quality products and you must hire scout girls in order to sell your product. As the game expands further you will build big factories, big stores, etc. The upgrade is everything in this game, keep that in mind!

How To Play Cookie Clicker?

Earn some cookies with a help of clicks at first, as soon as you will collect enough cookies hire baker asap, after that you can stop clicking and let baker(s) do their job, focus on hiring as many bakers as it is possible, and think about selling product afterward.

An unblocked version of the game

Compared to the ordinary version of the game here you have all functions unblocked, all stores, factories, etc. Only at our blog


You don’t need any buttons at all, not even a single one. All controls are done with a help of a mouse.


There is no storyline in the game, there is only one goal – expand your business as much as it is possible and build an empire of cookies.

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Even though I’m a hardcore fan of Cookie Clicker sometimes I get bored with it and when it happens I play the following games: Earn To Die, Earn To Die 2, Earn To Die 3, Electricman, Gun Mayhem, Gun Mayhem 2, Gunblood, and Happy Wheels. All listed games are awesome and I play them from time to time, give it a try and maybe you will enjoy them as much as I do.

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