Raze 4 – Highly anticipated online shooting game

The 4th edition of Raze, a futuristic shooting game, comes with more levels and more accomplishments. Also with more options for customization, you are assured of much more excitement as you navigate from the begging to the end.
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Instructions :
The previous versions come with two modes: Humans mode and Aliens mode. Raze 4 includes a third mode known as the Zombies mode. You will need to complete the Humans and Aliens modes to lock this third mode. To navigate from one level to another, you will need to shot down all your enemies to complete the achievement and gain gold as a reward. You can use the gold to purchase new gear or update your weapons.

The Controls :
The key controls of this online flash game are just like that of the previous versions. You can use A, W, D, and S keys on your computer’s keyboard to maneuver your character. To make your character leap, you can use the spacebar button. To shoot down an opponent or own weapon, you can use the computer mouse. To switch from one weapon to another, you can use Shift, Enter, the mouse wheel, Q or E keys, or the keyboard’s numbers 1 to 0. In order to pause the game, you can press the P button.

Levels :
This version also comes with more levels compared to the last three versions. There are more than 20 levels in the Human campaign that you need to complete. Each level has four challenging modes which include super easy, easy, hard, and nightmare. In the first 10 levels, you will learn the basics of the game such as maneuvering the characters and toggling weapons. Similar shooting game you may also play for free on the official page. The Aliens setting will be unlocked once you finish the Human campaign. It has more than 15 levels that you will need to complete. Just like in the levels of the Human campaign, each level of the Alien setting has four challenging modes. After finishing the Alien campaign, you will enter the Zombies campaign. In this stage, you will need to fight a lot of Zombies and kill them.

Achievements :
As you navigate from the beginning of this futuristic shooting game to the end, you will unlock more achievements. In total, there are 30 achievements that you will obtain throughout the levels of Raze 4. Some achievements are incredibly simple to obtain while others are a little bit tougher and require more skills. For instance, one achievement would be to shoot down all the zombies in the Zombies campaign or simply complete the tutorial mode.