Best zombie flash games small review

Undead Highway: Interesting & Addictive Zombie Flash Game written by: lbonelove Zombie games have become popular and as such many game companies have made it even more expensive to purchase, however, the love for the game has made gamers to get the experience from free and easily accessible. So if you are a lover of zombie games of any kind, then the experience is made fully available via flash games online and Undead Highway is one of many zombie flash games that is both challenging and interesting zombie games to play.

Game Overview:

Undead Highway is an online Boxhead Zombie Game, rated one of the top games in the Zombie genre, another top flash game today is Happy Wheels Unblocked and Electric Man 2. It is a top-down shooting game with the specific goal to find car keys at every level so as to proceed by driving to another level. It’s not a simple drive as there are encounters along the way, making the game interesting and the player gets to pick up various car keys, ammunition, and weapons along the way that have been left by demolished zombies.

For weapons, the assortments of weapons in this game are more unique compared to other zombie games. Zombies are numerous and fast thereby requiring swift responses to be able to move about shooting and dodging the zombies simultaneously. This game is designed by the creators of Dead Frontier.


The major requirement for playing all flash games is internet access and the installation of an adobe flash player. Apart from those two requirements mentioned above, other added requirements make the gaming experience more interesting. These include audio output such as headphones or speakers. Games can be played on Mac or Windows computer.

Game Controls

The keyboard is the major control of the game. The following are how to play using the controls:

The Mouse is used as a target control by swiping to aim and click to shoot
Use the Alphabet Keys W, A, S, D as major controls for Movement

W = Move Up
A = Move Left
S = Move Back,
D = Move Right

Other Control Keys include:
Esc = To Exit Game
P = To Pause Game
Number Keys = Select Weapons
Space Bar = Switching Between Selected Weapons