Do you love competitive online games? I do, I was always a huge fan of online games in general and especially games that allowed you to put your gaming skills to the test, games where various players played against each other. No AI can compete with humans (at least in the present days) when it comes to online gaming, this is exactly why online games are so popular in general and so is Snowball io.


In this game, there are about ten players on the small map, your number one task is to throw at your opponent’s snowball and force them from the map into the water. The objective of the game is pretty simple, right? Well, yeah, but completing this objective can be troublesome. Like I have said before you are playing against other people, they are pretty skilled players and they won’t go down without fighting, it will require a lot of attention, focus, and skills from your defeat them.

Tips that help

First of all, try to stay in the center of the map, this way you will be able to take some hits without falling off into the water, you will have some opportunity to maneuver and move safely. Staying in the center is now always an option, are some maps we have empty space in the middle as well, in this case, try to stay in the middle part of the map. In all possible cases staying away from the edge is a good idea.

You can throw snowballs of different sizes, sometimes small and sometimes big, it is also important to note that throwing a big snowball requires from you to charge. Try to make a wise decision, if you see the enemy on the edge of the map you don’t have to charge your snowball, throw instantly even if it is small. In other cases, if the enemy is relatively far from the edge take your time charge well, and throw at them a giant snowball to make sure that they fall in the water.


The game counts how many kills you have, try to defeat as many opponents as it is possible. I think it is safe to assume that staying alive is not a priority in the game, your priority is to defeat as many opponents as it is possible, playing risky is a good idea as far as it can earn you scores.


There are various maps in the game, not only do they look different, but they also have different shapes and different events in them. By events, I mean breaking different parts of the map from time to time, this makes the game more thrilling and fast-paced as well. Unlike other online games out there this one doesn’t really have long matches in it, games here are quick and full of action.


For completing various challenges you earn the possibility to unlock different skins. Basic skin is very general and so to say dull, why not get some cool-looking skill, right? Well, you have such an opportunity, just play a lot of matches, defeat opponents and unlock fancy skins. While playing the game you will notice that other players have really cool skills, well avoid them at all costs, LOL. Why? Because they have plaid this game many times already and they unlocked these skins already, so they are pretty skilled compared to newbie players.

Video guide

As always you can learn a lot more from YouTube, video guides are really helpful when it comes to learning different stuff about gaming. Take a look at the following video guide of Snowball io, you might adopt some techniques from it.

This game on your device

Yup, you heard it correctly, you can play this game on your mobile as well. Only two platforms are supported so far: iOS & Android, download it for free and enjoy the game from your phone.


This is one of the best io games out there at the moment, game is thrilling, filling with action, and entertaining as well. Thousands of people play it on daily basis and you can easily find matches in no time (one thing that I don’t like is frequent ads in it). This game may also improve your reaction speed, improve your fast thinking and aiming skills as well, playing it will definitely make you better in other games as well.

Give it a try guys, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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